Content Marketing

Think about it. If you were to remove all of your branding (colour scheme, logo, tagline and so on) from your website, would your content make you stand out from your competitors? Are you telling your unique brand story?

Creating quality content is not easy. You need to know your customers well; what they think, what they feel and what problems keep them up at night. You need to know your brand inside and out; your purpose, your value and what makes you different. 

Content is the entire user experience of your brand and it cannot be overlooked. 

Newsletter Creation

Newsletters are so important. They are your opportunity to engage directly with potential customers who have expressed an interest in your business and who are keen to find out more as well as repeat clients who buy into your brand and ethos. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets you have and it's important to nurture and feed it in an authentic and creative way. I provide the following newsletter services:

  • Newsletter Creation: Don't yet have a newsletter or looking to revamp the one that you do have? I will design a professional, personalised, mobile optimised newsletter template which will be the perfect showcase for your important news and updates. I am well versed in Constant Contact, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and utilise these tools to help build my client's followings.

  • Newsletter Management: Want to outsource your e-communications entirely? I can manage your mailers for you, in fact, I'd love to do it! I can edit and optimise your copy, come up with snappy, inbox-friendly headlines and take a peek at your analytics each month to see where improvements can be made. Oh, and I'll even integrate with your social media marketing and google analytics so you can better understand your customer following and continue to grow your mailing list.

Thought Leadership

Want to become a thought leader in your local market, but struggling on where to start? I am happy to create a content strategy and content calendar based on your market and target customer. I can provide training on writing targeted content and also how to utilise social media to grow your following.

Does writing intimidate you? I am happy to write thought leadership pieces for you when provided with dot points; you are the thought leader in your industry, so it's your ideas we need to share. With each piece I write, I will  conduct background research on the topic and relate your thoughts/ideas to global industry leaders and articles. 

Blog Copywriting and Content Strategy

The key to writing content with a purpose is to create content that people want to read, share and come back for more.  In order to achieve this, we need to work together. We will develop a custom content strategy that is targeted towards your ideal customer. We will relate to their desires, needs and problems and explain how your product or service can help them.

Aside from developing a content strategy, I will write blog posts for your brand whether technical or creative. A blog is important because it makes your brand more relatable to your audience, allows you to spotlight products or services, and gets you more hits on Google and other search engines. I specialise in search engine optimisation (also known as SEO), so I keep that at the forefront of my mind for each piece of content I create. As you update the content on your blog, search engines will rank your website higher on the result pages.

It is important to utilise your social media channels to amplify your content and attract new customers. For more information on my social media management services, please visit my social media page