Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than just your website, your Facebook page or Google ads. It is about creating a synergy between all of your online marketing efforts, making sure there is a consistent message and seeing the marketplace as a multi-channel environment.

No matter what your ‘conversion’ is, whether it's selling a service or purchasing a cup of coffee, it is essential that when a customer intersects with your brand, the experience is memorable and enjoyable. You also want to ensure that your brand personality and brand value is conveyed to the customer. 

My objective is to help local companies find that balance between too much and not enough, define their brand values and ultimately make their brand memorable and recognisable in their local community. 


Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO is defined as the process of getting traffic from free and organic listings of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Payment for traffic is not involved, as it is with pay-per-click advertising. I provide SEO through the use of various techniques to improve a website’s ranking in search engines, with the main focus of attracting visitors at a local level. For all SEO clients, I include keyword research and analysis, SEO strategy, SEO deployment and reporting. These reports show improvements, keyword rankings and highlight where further work needs to be done.


Pay-per-click advertising is a paid for service, charged each time an ad is clicked on. PPC gives companies the opportunity to show their ads among search engines results (including Google, Yahoo or Bing). For example, Google PPC ads have a little yellow "ad" square as you can see in the Booktopia ad below. 

PPC advertising is an excellent way to get your brand in front of the people who are looking for the products or services in a location you choose. 

Ideally, you would like to make the ad well-structured and the landing page relevant to the ad and optimised for conversion. This reduces cost as much as possible and increases your end results.

Reporting on best performing ads in terms of traffic as conversion would be set up to ensure close management of costs against reward and overall strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

If people are visiting your website, great, but are you converting them into customers? I will take a "big picture" approach to your business, analyse your analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website.

Conversion rate optimisation can be used to acquire new customers, registrations, downloads, etc. In other words, it increases the percentage of website visitors who intersect with your brand and experience the “aha moment”  that turns passive visitors into valuable customers.