Social Media

Why? Because social media belongs to consumers. Social media is a place where people come together and share to improve their circumstance. It's where they go to solve problems and satisfy needs. 

They're not there to engage with brands. They are there to connect, to belong and to share their voice.

I have extensive experience developing and implementing social media strategies across a wide spectrum of industries and platforms. 

Social Media Setup, Strategy & Advertising

Feeling uncertain and overwhelmed because you don't have any social media profiles set up? Leave it to me. I will sit down and disucss your customers, goals and resources in order to detemrine the best social media channels for you. It is important to pick the social media platforms that are right for you. I always urge businesses to sit back and have a good think about which channel(s) are right for them. Facebook may not be right for your brand, but maybe Instagram is. Once we have a strategy developed, I will setup a profile and optimise it for your target audience. Then, create a posting schedule and content strategy. We will discuss your advertising budget, develop custom audiences based on your goals and develop an advertising schedule for each channel.

Likewise, if you already have social media channels but are not experiencing the engagement you want, I can assess one or all of you accounts. I will provide you with a concise, helpful report packed with useful suggestions and practical, easy to implement tips that will revitalise your social channels. By analysing your audience and their behaviour, you can develop a customised social media strategy for your brand over the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

Social Media Management

Running a business takes time and so does managing a social media channel effectively. If you don't have the time to ensure your brand’s social presence is fresh, accurate, and aligned with your marketing goals, then I suggest engaging a social media manger to help you out. Social Media Management can include industry research, graphic design, post scheduling, responding, interaction, website updates and campaign management. 

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