ABL: Always Be Learning

"Learning never exhausts the mind."  - Leonardo da Vinci

I strive to be a constant student and a constant teacher. I like to ask myself "what did I learn today?" each night before I go to bed. Every day, every week and every year I make it my goal to become wiser. If you want to continuously grow and have creative juices flowing, it's important to learn from others, explore great ideas and make connections between concepts. 

Favorite Marketing Podcasts:

  • Six Pixels of Separation is a podcast with host Mitch Joel, where he unravels the complex world of digital marketing and social media. He typically interviews authors, marketers and intellectuals. My favourite episode is 'Ad Blocking and the Future of Advertising with Seth Godin,' check it out here
  • Brand Storytelling is a content marketing podcast by Newsmodo. Some of my favourite episodes are 'Content Marketing ROI' and 'Why Online Advertising Sucks'.

Favourite Business/Freelancing Podcast: 

  • Unemployable with Brian Clark is a podcast all about freelancing and being an entrepreneur. It's a great resource if you are trying to start your own business and he interviews a lot of fascinating people. Brian also has a great weekly newsletter which you can sign up for here.

Favorite Non-Marketing Podcasts:

Favourite News Source:

  • TheSkimm is a daily email that summarises the top news story in a fun and easy to understand way. It is heavily focused on American stories though. 
  • Twitter is a great platform to keep up with the news. Follow your local newspapers to keep up with stories and check out what hashtags are trending in your area.

Favourite Online MOOC Courses