Marketing to Human Drives

When you really simplify it, all markets or businesses are created to fill a need or want. And it's really important to know understand what need or want your business is fulfilling for your customers. 

I just read The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman, in which he describes business models and concepts in a simple manner. Definitely a worthwhile read. 

In the marketing chapter, he drills it down by saying there are five core human drives that influence human behaviour. I have outlined these drives below and have also selected small businesses in Newcastle, NSW that I believe market to each drive well.

Drive to Acquire: the desire to collect material and immaterial things. Think cars, clothes and stock brokerages. 

  • Example Newcastle business: I have been loving my friend's clothing brand Rode to No Wear. Their Instagram page is filled with pictures of beautiful women, in beautiful clothes having an amazing time.

 Need, need, need to get that blouse... not to mention that rope swing. 

Need, need, need to get that blouse... not to mention that rope swing. 

Drive to Bond: the desire to be loved and valued in our relationships with others. Think online dating, LinkedIn and networking groups.

  • Example Newcastle business:  Hunter Young Professionals does a great job of appealing to our desire for relationships on both a professional and social level. 

Drive to Learn: the desire to satisfy our curiosity. Schools are an obvious choice, but training programs, books and newspapers fall into this category as well.

  • Example Newcastle business: Hunter Design School. As their incredible website states: "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Their marketing communications and digital presence make me want

Ummm, yes please. Sign me up!

Drive to Defend: the desire to protect loved ones, ourselves and our property. Think insurance, security systems and lawyers.

  • Example Newcastle business: Yes, insurance companies do a great job of this, but I'd like to mention Dog Rescue Newcastle. For a dog lover like myself, Dog Resue Newcastle does a great job of appealing to my desire to defend Newcastle's orphan doggies. Also, on a side note, I just have to give them kuddos from a content point of view. Please go through and read one of the dog descriptions, they write them in the dog's voice and they are fantastic!   

Be a super hero. Help us save lives please go to our website website (we're in NSW Australia)

Drive to Feel: the desire for emotional experiences that are thrilling, pleasurable or exciting. Think Ferrari, skydiving or your local movie theatre. 

  • Example Newcastle business: Fondalicious is a retro aerobics class dreamed up by Newcastle local Emma Levine. If this video doesn't get you pumped to work it like it's 1985, I don't know what will. 

Work it like it's 1985! New retro aerobics classes now happening in Newcastle.

So, take a look at the five drives above. Which one are you appealing to? What do your customers want and need? How can you do a better job of marketing to that drive?