The Beginning


I have always been interested in everything, from poetry to economics. And hey, curiosity is great, BUT it left me longing for that ONE thing. The passion. The purpose. The life plan. 

But it didn't come to me. So instead... I chose to study marketing. Why? I figured it was a good mix of business and creativity. And you can market ANYTHING, which meant my interests could continue to be explored.

So I started doing the smart thing. Got a good job, worked hard and continued to pursue the dream. But I started getting anxious. Although I was talented at marketing, I began to question my love for it and considered a career change. 

I started with a blank slate. 

Finding Purpose

All I knew is that 1.) I wanted to help people and 2.) I dreamt of starting my own business. 

And then I went home to visit my family.

My grandparents own a clothing shop in Palm Springs and it's safe to say that they're extremely technologically challenged. So I built them a website and made them a logo. I helped with SEO, put their address on Google Maps and got customers in their door. And let me tell you... nothing makes me happier. 

Helping the mom and pop (and grandma) shops makes me happy. I want to help local businesses thrive, seriously, shop local people

What's on Offer

I enjoy promoting local, small businesses because each and every one of them has an amazing story waiting to be told. It's the local businesses that make our communities so unique and special. 

So I am here to help you and your business connect with your community, at a price that won't break the bank. I can offer:

Bio and Credentials

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and have acquired a love for hiking, Arizona sunsets, photography and traveling. While traveling through South America in 2013, I met a boy from The Central Coast of NSW in Australia and decided to make the big move in September 2014. Now, we live in Caves Beach with our hyper dog Molly (pictured above). It didn't take long for me to fall completely in love with the Australian lifestyle and culture; I am really very happy here. 

I currently work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at The University of Newcastle. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration - Major in Marketing, Minor in Writing from the University of Arizona. I am also a Hootsuite Certified Professional and Inbound Marketing Certified through the HubSpot Academy. For more info, please visit my LinkedIn profile

Let's Talk

I would love to meet you and your business, or just have an informal chat. Some of my favorite topics are coffee, the economy, books and traveling. 

Feel free to connect with me or send me a private message.

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